Friday, November 2, 2012

Olympic Park and Photo shoot gone wrong

Whenever one is on vacation there is always lots of car time.  Sophie loves to rock out to the music these days and on this day she was being particularly crazy.  She kept making that scrunchy face and everyone would laugh.  She is even throwing out a peace sign in the middle picture!

The kids always want to go to Olympic park when we go to Park City.  They were really sad that the alpine slides were not open.  We missed them by one week.  (I was not too sad because it saved us some cash.) We still had fun watching the Women's Olympic Team practice their jumps.  

It amazes me every time I see these guys jump.  You can barely spot out the jumper.  She is just leaving the jump and starting to fly. It is soooo steep. 

Trying out the bobsleds in the museum. 

We were even lucky enough to do a little powder skiing while we were there.  Here's Joshua...




Here are some random pictures from a weekend after we were home.  This is Keisha, our neighbor, doing my hair.  Pretty fancy!

These guys are crazy!  Here they are playing dogs.  Yes, that is Annie in the kennel. 

We had our primary program in church a couple weeks ago.  All the kids sang so well and had their parts memorized.  They each told a way that they have chosen the right this past year. It was great.  The photo shoot...not so great.  Sophie was doing awesome.  Annie lost her natural sweet smile, I am so sad!  She is into this weird strained smile every time I try to take her picture and she usually tilts her head in a weird direction. Help! This one was the best.  Some other kids were on the sidelines crying and having a meltdown. 

We tried to pull it together outside, James is still not too happy.

We finally get Luke to join us, and Sophie takes a spill.

The dog joins us to see what the commotion is all about.  

I don't think today is the day for a family picture.  

Annie's face cracks me up.  Sophie is hating life. James and Luke are like, "We better cooperate now, Mom is mad." Don't even know where the other two are.  At least I can laugh now!

PS  Notice that Luke is wearing no shoes.  Yes, that is how he went to Church.  He could not find them.  I told him since he was on the stand for the program no one would see.  I wonder what his teacher thought in class.


  1. We haven't ever been to the Olympic Park! Someday we need to get out and see all of these cool things nearby. P.S. Kaleigh has the same grey dress that Annie is wearing.

  2. Oh my gosh i am seriously dying!!!! i am cracking up at the last picture!