Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1st Dance Recital

After hundreds of sports games with four boys, we had our first dance recital last week.  If you are thinking "Dance Moms" think again.  Annie takes dance in the neighborhood over from a lady that teaches out of her house. It is perfect.  They did a little Christmas Dance Recital and it was just the thing to make you want to bust out the Christmas Lights and start singing Christmas Carols.  (It was held at our local Festival of Trees.)

We got there a little early so Annie was able to sneak in a visit with Santa.  She wouldn't talk to him. 

Annie takes from the same teacher as her cousins, Isabelle and Emmaline.  I know, Annie's underwear shows...everyone reminded me over and over throughout the show.  Sheesh, cut me some slack people. I told you this was my first Dance Recital.  How am I supposed to know proper four year old underwear etiquette for dance recitals?

I had terrible lighting problems going on.  Here she is though, doing her first dance. 


How is it that my best picture of the night was of a little girl I didn't even know.  I just thought she was so cute I could not resist getting a picture.  

Annie's second dance..she stayed in this position a lot. 

Man, I tried to get some action pictures of Emmaline and they all turned out horrible.  Not reflective of her dancing skills!

And that's it, our first dance recital.  (Bad pictures and all.)  I am back from our Thanksgiving we spent in California and have sooooo much to catch up on.  Right now though, I have to go pick up someone from Basketball.   I started decorating today too....yahoo!  Christmas is here!

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