Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Off The Beaten Track

I guess Idaho is a little off the beaten track.  We don't get a huge amount of visitors.  We were pretty excited that we had TWO in less than two weeks.  WOW. 

 Ryan's cousins, Jeni and Kolby, were in the area visiting their Grandmother on the other side of the family.  I don't know why I didn't get a picture of them.  I did get a picture of Jeni's sweet little girl.  Her name is Lucy and she is right between Annie and Sophie.  (Literally between them in this picture.) They were not really cooperating as you can tell, but I still thought it was funny.  We were so happy to have little Lucy to play! 

I like how these guys are all playing, but Sophie spies me taking a picture!  We loved having them over and in Lucy's honor we ordered Lucy's Pizza that night.  It is my favorite pizza in Idaho Falls for sure.  We really ordered it because I forgot they were coming and was not home in time to cook dinner.  After they had the pizza they forgave me.  It is so yummy!

The weekend before heading off to California we had more visitors....The Gonzales family.  The Dad (Robert) is a long time Engineering Buddy of Ryan's from their days at BYU.  Even though they live in Oregon, Robert does work out here and so we usually see him every month.  However, this time he brought his family!  It was so fun to meet them!  It seems that every time Robert is over it is crazy busy and this time was no different.  But, they are so easy going and didn't mind it a bit.  (We hope!)

With three boys, and then a daughter they fit right in and the kids had fun playing. No matter what visitors we have, it seems that the costume container always comes out.  Joshua even donned his costume from eight years ago.  I love Annie's face. I am not too sure what Luke is going for, and that is our friend's daughter Evie in the Incredibles outfit.

Our friends headed on to Utah Monday morning and we left for California.  Those dogs don't miss a beat.  Daisy knew we were leaving and made every attempt to get in the car.  This is where she was when Ryan locked up and went to get in his seat.  :(  So sad. 

To any friends and family out there reading my blog....come visit us!  We may be off the beaten path, but it will be oh, so worth it!  AND we now have cheap flights from many locations.  No excuses!

(We do have my side of the family coming at Christmas...yahoo!)

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  1. What? There's a Lucy's Pizza in Idaho Falls? We need to come visit again :)