Sunday, November 11, 2012

Could've been so beautiful...

Unless you are also a child of the 80's these wonderful "Tiffany" lyrics probably don't mean much to you.  But seriously people, it is really how I feel about the election....could have been SO beautiful.  Before I get going on that, let's go back to Tuesday, Back to those hours BEFORE Ohio was called for Obama.  Back to the hours that we still had hope in our hearts and the sun was shining.  I feel like from now on every event will be referenced as pre-November 6th and post-November 6th.  So here is a recap of that beautiful Fall day, November 6th, Election day.  (Okay, I might be guilty of being a little dramatic.)

That morning while doing the dishes I was having Annie practice writing her name.  This is what she wrote with NO PROMPTING.  I am serious, this girl can't even write and we had no campaign materials around.  I just knew it was a "sign" of good things to come!  GO MITT!

Ryan came with me to pick up Annie from Dance and we headed over to the school to VOTE! (Hope still shining in our eyes.)

So much energy in the air, Annie was literally dancing out of her seat.  

It was the loveliest Election day ever.  Who would ever guess it was NOVEMBER in Idaho.  We didn't even need a jacket on our little walk/bike ride.  

I can't believe this was only a few days ago and now as I sit here typing the wind is howling, the ground is white with snow and it is FREEZING outside. 

Okay, so you see where I was that day.  All is well in the world and I was so excited that my President was finally going to be elected.  I was counting down the hours until the polls would close.  I think I bit all my nails off as I watched the polls come in from each state. Then Ohio was called for Romney Obama...THUD.  I could just NOT believe what I was hearing.  This MUST be a mistake.  How did the running for President of the United States become a popularity contest?  Would Lincoln ever been COOL enough to have been voted into office?  I don't think so.  I think flying Air Force One around with JayZ and the Boss should be reason enough to NOT be elected.  Seriously, people?  Is that who we want to lead our country?  Does being hip qualify you for the job?  AHHHHHH!  Don't even get me started!

The next morning I could not watch the news.  I turned on the TV for just a minute and Megan McCain was on the Anderson show.  She said she took the election loss so personally she felt sick in her gut as if she had just split with a boyfriend.  Everyone laughed, but so true!  (I was also laughing because this was not the first night I was feeling sick and depressed over a Romney! Remember?)  But, seriously, so sad.

However, as an American....I had to look at the big picture.  I had to pick myself up by the bootstraps and move forward.  (Although I now hate that was pretty much ruined by Obama and MSNBC for me.)  I thought about the eight years that Bill Clinton was in office.  I was no Clinton Fan, but in my personal life those were some great years.  I graduated from High School, headed off to college, got married, and had my first baby. Would I ever look back on that period of my life and define them in any way by who was in the White House?  No.  For the last four years we have had some great times too.  We moved to a new state, had baby #6, the kids are growing up and life is good.  I still live in America.  I have a great husband. I have wonderful extended family.  I have kind friends. I have working cars.  I have the most comfortable bed and feather comforter.  Seriously.  I can pray for my same old President even if I think his policies are un-American and stink.  It is not the end of the world.  (yet)

I found solace in this message posted by an old friend I lived by in Belgium.  It was floating all over Facebook.  It really is a beautiful reminder of what should be our REALITY.

But, back to my 80's song I was singing up there...."Could Have Been So Beautiful." I think that is why the election rejection was so hard for me to get over.  It was not just the idea of getting rid of the Jimmy Carter president of our day.  It was that I truly think that Romney and Ryan had the skills and talents needed at this moment in history.  They were the right men for the right time.  They are leaders and brilliant problem solvers. I was excited to see what they would have done with the mantel of the Presidency. I think they would have done a job that we have not seen the likes of for a long time. I think that even people that didn't think they liked Romney/Ryan just might have been surprised. I believe their expectations could have been exceeded.  (In contrast to the HUGE expectations of Obama in 2008 and then the HUGE let down.)  I know that both Romney and Ryan care about people over power.  I hated hearing the lie that Romney did not care about the common person.  He has given more service to the "common" person than most people do in a lifetime.  Bragging about his character was just not his style though.  Maybe to be the President, to win the "popularity" contest, you have to be more boastful, have more pride, defend yourself a little more.  That is not Mitt's style, and that is why he is not only a good man, but a classy man.

So back to my "could have been so beautiful" for our country and "when I think about what could have been, it makes me want to cry".  But for now, I will have to be content with politics as usual.  I might have to take a little break from current events 24/7.  But in case you are worried, I will be okay.  My life is pretty beautiful, and can't complain about that!

PS Joshua just read this post and told me, "Well, Mom, you are not having another baby, you are not getting married again, the best thing you have to look forward to THIS next four years is me leaving the house."  Ha-ha, he cracks me up.  But in reality that makes me MORE depressed since he will be 14 tomorrow and that means I only have him home for four more years.  FOUR MORE YEARS, put it that way and I am NOT looking forward to Obama leaving office.

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  1. Well stated, Natalie! Thanks for the uplifting message! :)