Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Recap

Since I can't sleep (election tomorrow) I will do a recap on Halloween.  Maybe it will take my mind off the vote!  Seriously, going stir crazy.

Annie was so excited to be a bat for Halloween. She had wanted to be that from Day One and never changed her mind!  Here she is headed off to the school to help me with a party.

The morning of Halloween did not go so well.  This guy thought this was the world's WORST costume.  It was actually totally awesome.  Here he is sporting his awesome attitude. 

Here he is at the parade...covering up so no one will see his LAME costume. 

"Man, life is so hard when you have to go to school looking so uncool. I just wish I could wear a lame skeleton mask like every other boy at my school."

 Annie was allowed to wear a costume to dance too.  We just went with butterfly wings and called it a day. These two are so much fun. 

Even when they sneak on the computer and mess up my things!

 Here's the gang heading out the door...

 Notice Michael changed costumes.  The funny thing is I had Joshua wear that clown costume in Kindergarten and he still has not let me live it down. It was SO traumatic for him.  It was just SO humiliating and the girls all called him "clowney."  Every other kid was a superhero. Go figure.  Michael was pleased as punch being a clown.  So happy to be rid of that other costume!

Grandma was so nice to have us all over to eat some real food before heading off for the night!  It was fun to see all the cousins dressed up. Notice the fabulous weather!  Not always the case on Halloween in Idaho.  It was perfect. 

James-a handsome 1940's gangster.  

Luke was so cute in his chef costume, definitely a favorite this year!

Michael...our happy clown.  (Ran out of time to do his make up!)

Joshua picked and paid for his own costume.  It was a perfect costume because no one would even know he was only a few weeks shy of 14!  For all they know he is a sweet little ten year old under all that red nylon.  Since he came home with the largest bag of candy, I think he pulled it off!

These two looked awesome!  I will have you know that Sadie's dress came from my arsenal of old-school dresses.  Her hair looked SO good.  Then we had polar opposite Abigail and playing the rebel hippie.  

My little bat. 


We took all the seats out of the van so that the kids could climb in and out easily. We are not just lazy...the houses up here are just really spread apart!  Even jumping in and out of the car we still do our share of walking!

 There is always a trunk-or-treat in the Church parking lot at 6pm sharp.  It is a fast and furious way to get a lot of candy.  I think it seems a bit like cheating, but it just wouldn't be right to miss it.  It is the only way to see everyone and if we didn't go we might miss out on sweet costumes like this-

These three cuties thought it was just as fun to pass the candy out. 

This is the peacock's mom (7 months pregnant) and her little mummy.  I loved their costumes!

 More friends from Church...people are seriously creative!

Joshua and one of his BFF's. 

Don't try to take this guy's candy!

The annual dump-and-trade!

I posted this picture of Sophie on Facebook that night with this caption:

"Sweet, mom and dad are trying to get the kids to bed, no one will notice me climbing on the kitchen table and stealing Luke's candy! It's awesome being child #6."

I realized I didn't even get any pictures of her doing her first trick-or-treating.  It was so cute and she LOVED it.   Seriously, that is another sign of kid #6-not one picture of her in her costume alone.  Don't worry Sophie, you might not have the pictures that the other kids had on Halloween...but they never got an unsupervised session alone with a big ol' bowl of candy. 

Now it is time to take down the Halloween Decorations.  :(

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