Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Axel is here & a late Christmas Reviewe

Congratulations to Cade, Michele and Presley on their new little baby boy and our new cousin-

Axel Dane Bogren

Isn't he sweet?

I know that Christmas seems like a lifetime ago, but this is my scrapbook, so here is a quick recap of Christmas Day.

They actually slept in a little...that is one area that we trained them well.  :)

Such a great age, when absolutely love everything they open. 

I appreciate when at this age, they still act like they like everything.  :)  "Thanks for this sweet pillow, Santa!"

Michael was happy about this one...

This is not a great picture, but it wraps up Ryan over the holidays.  Miserable with all his cankers.  He has been taking a prescription to prevent them and his life has changed dramatically!

You never know which gifts the kids will like the best, and I bet Santa didn't know that this robe would be a favorite!

Sophie mostly just went around scoring as much candy as she could find!

After opening everything from Santa, we headed into the kitchen for Christmas Breakfast.

(Joshua is having his Mountain Dew with Breakfast, nice.)

It was then back to gifts, opening each others sibling gifts.  This is one of my favorite things. 

It was then a quick rush to Grandma's house for Turkey Dinner.  Yum.  It snowed all day on Christmas Eve, and made it a perfect White Christmas!

"Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's house we go..."

 Christmas is always relaxing and low key, we can all finally take a deep breath and relax from all the hoop-la of the season.  
(Joshua, Abigail, and Uncle Michael)

Uncle David, Sadie, and Joshua-we are so relaxed Joshua never changed out of his PJ's for dinner. 

Grandma and I didn't plan this...but we were total twins all day.  I had to include an action shot because all the posed shots I had were hideous.  I didn't wear make up that day, and in pictures it shows.  :)  

Thanks for keeping all the little ones entertained with games, Aunt Carly!

Now that I have recorded all of Christmas, it is officially over!

Lessons I promise to learn for Christmas next year:

1.  Be done with shopping Dec. 1st

2.  Don't wait until the last day of school to send teacher gifts, send them early in the season

3.  Have cards READY to go, by first week December

4.  Plan ahead for neighbor gifts and deliver early

5.  Forget all my Thanksgiving decorating.  I am joining the rest of the world and starting my Christmas Decoration in November.  I want to have it up and enjoyed by December 1st. 

Next year I want to enjoy the REASON FOR THE SEASON, not be rush, rush, rushing.  
I did a little better this year, but lots of room for improvement.  Getting all the rushing done in the early months, makes for a December to enjoy!  

I WILL RE-READ this next September!

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