Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sophie is TWO!

 While downloading the pictures from Sophie's birthday I realized I did pull out my camera for a minute in Park City.

These guys had a lot of fun in their fort. 

Ryan spent a lot of time working. 

Anne performing, "Ooh, La, La, La, Ooh, La, La La" from the movie "School of Rock". 

Onto the birthday-

The morning of her birthday Grandma and Grandpa stopped by early to drop off a gift for Sophie since they were leaving town. 

It is fun to see when they start to "get" the whole present thing. 

She was pretty excited!

My mom has gotten all the grand daughters a Bitty Baby for their second birthday and it was just what Sophie wanted! 

Photos shoot with Grandpa.  

After we said Goodbye, Sophie wanted the party to continue.  (Or was it Annie?  I think she was just as excited.)  I let her open her gifts sent from Nana and Papa.  She got this cute little high chair for her new doll. 

She also got a doll carrier to hold her doll when on-the-go. 

Thank you, Nana and Papa!  (And thanks from all the other kids for the yummy candy and gifts you sent them!)

 She got this cute top from us for her Birthday but she wanted to pair it with a skirt and one rainbow leg warmer along with her snow boots. Since it was her birthday, I  went with it.  Inside I was worried...I think I have another Annie on my hands.  

She was pretty grumpy.

I went to go help in Michael's classroom. It was right about the time she needed a nap, but she actually did well.  It was fun to see Michael and her together.  He was so proud of her. 

Ryan was out of town for her birthday.  That night we had a million things going, so we decided to do the whole cake and ice cream thing when her favorite person (Dad) got back in town.  The highlight of the evening was getting to play with her cousins Emmaline and Isabelle and opening this fabulous gift from Aunt Heidi. 

I don't know why I didn't capture what was inside the box.  It was the cutest dress you have ever seen. I will have to take a picture of her wearing it.  Thanks, Aunt Heidi! 

After reading my cousins blog post here, I knew I better get a picture of Sophie and I together.  I do have one from her last birthday and I love it.  This one from the iphone didn't turn out so great.  But, I will take what I can get!

Last year-

While we are at it, here is the real birthday, isn't she such a chunk!  

Happy Birthday, Sophie Rose!  You are a beam of joy in our home.  We love you!

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