Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Long and Short of it

My two older sisters and I have had MANY different hairdos through the years.  All three of us have had both long and short hair.  However, I would say through the years I was usually the one with the long hair and Heidi had the short hair.  Jennifer didn't usually have either extreme.  I have always felt more comfortable with long hair and Heidi has never seemed to hesitate chopping hers off.  My theory is that you just feel more comfortable with whatever you had most growing up.  Here is some of the proof-

School Pictures from Alabama. 

Heidi did have long luscious locks in high school, but chopped them off when she went to Utah State.  Here we are posing in my grandparents den late one night.  Pretty dumb.  Another thing is that even though I like long hair, I have always preferred it pulled back.  I think during grade school I pretty much never wore my hair down. It was braids or pony's all the way for me.  Even now I will wear it down to go out but the minute I get home it is up in a bun!

Heidi at Jennifer's wedding reception.  She was so stylin' with this chic cut.

The five of us-Heidi with her short hair, Jennifer with her shoulder length locks, and me buying into the "bigger is better" for as long as I can. 

My Senior Commencement with my mom and Heidi. (They were chaperons?) You might not think that Heidi's look is too stylin' here, however, trust me, she was.  I just watched "Sleepless in Seattle" a couple weeks ago.  Remember Tom Hanks wife that died?  She looks just like this picture of Heidi!  Big shoulder pads, dress with no shape, and the hair-same thing!  Go watch it.  You will get a kick out of all the old hair styles in that movie.  I just didn't think it came out so long ago until I watched it again.  How is that possible? PS Mom, your hair is looking pretty hot too. 

Almost ten years ago...

I stole this from Heidi, this is at Michael and Carly's wedding. 

Heidi right before moving to Arizona.  

A squinty picture of us at my Grandma Milligan's funeral.  Man, I wish I had the pics of Heidi with SUPER short hair.  Can't find them. It was WAY short for quite a few years. 

I cut my hair to my shoulders a few years back, but for the past year I have done nothing.  No color, no cut.  Mostly just because I was lazy, not really any big plan. 

Anyway, so you get the idea.  I mostly have had long hair, Heidi has mostly had short hair.  I have been wanting to  have a pixie cut since back in the early 90's when Gwyneth Paltrow was dating Brad Pitt and did it.  I just always wanted to be lose weight first or whatever. But, as I said before, this is what I really wanted to do-

So after lots of vanity shots in the mirror, should I?  Should I not? 

I took a final picture of me with long hair, and headed out the door to get it cut. 

The stylist took this one...."Are you SURE, she said."  

Chop Chop

 I don't know why I forgot that you can push that little switch button and take a self portrait.  You don't have to hold up your iphone to a mirror.  But here is a side-type shot. This is really not even a good picture.  

Here is what I posted on Facebook, and luckily I got A LOT of kind responses and people were really supportive.  

Which was great since the response from my kids was slighty less enthusiastic. Lots of running, hiding and ducking behind things to shield me from their view.  

"Please, don't come volunteer in my class tomorrow."
"WHY didn't you listen to me?!  I told you not to do it."  
"I don't even KNOW you anymore." 
"You look like Ellen." 
"That does NOT look good."  
"I miss your old hair." 
"How long will it take to grow out?"  
"I talked to so-and-so and their whole family hates it."  
"I can't even look at you."  
"Do you think it will be grown out by my High School graduation?"

Okay, you get the point.  However, honestly, it didn't bother me a bit.  I know that is how kids are (especially boys).  This is what I wrote about it on Facebook. 

"I don't even know you now. Who are you? You ruined

 your life. " -son #3 Thanks for the unconditional love 

peeps. I have some serious drama kings on my hands.

The day AFTER the cut was a little scary.  I COULD NOT do my hair.  Luckily I had a great short-haired friend come to the rescue and told me I HAD to get this stuff-

And she was right. And so I survived, and I am even liking it. 

Will I grow it back?  Probably.  It is like my BFF told me once, when I was contemplating the cut.

You could pull it off, but your personality (and mine) 

screams hot rollers or pink sponge curlers all the way.

 In my heart of hearts I know she is right. I am just a pink roller type of a gal.  And plus, with short hair I can't have my nieces play with my hair and do things like this-

 Maybe I will tell the boys that if they play with my hair for an hour a day I will grow it back.  Ah, ha!  That is a sweet plan.  We shall see.  In the meantime....NO REGRETS!  You only live once and it hs been fun. Oh, and one more thing....both of my sisters have long hair right now.  Even the "short-haired" one.  You can check out her post about all this here.

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  1. Your boys' comments are all hilarious. So funny!

    I have short hair in the big, professional picture that we have framed in our living room. My kids (and husband) regularly comment on how much they don't like my hair in that photo.