Thursday, June 6, 2013

Soccer Wrap-up, Preschool graduation, and Reading

Wow, May was a busy month!  Here are a few happenings with some of the little ones...

Annie went to a little birthday celebration for her cousin London.  She was so excited...Sophie stayed home with Mom.  

Annie graduated from Preschool!  
They had a really cute little program.  She stood up and recited the nursery rhyme, "Peas Porridge Hot, Peas Porridge Cold, Peas porridge in the pot NINE DAYS OLD!"all by herself.  They also sang a lot of songs.  I loved it! 

Here she was on the first day of Preschool back in September. She has grown so much!  STOP!  Stop I tell you!  

 Annie with her teacher, Miss Deana.  She was just the best.  Annie loved every day of school! 

Each year the kids each make a square for a quilt and Miss Deana sews them all together and brings it to Primary Children's Hospital to give to someone that could use a little extra love! 

This school year really FLEW by.  I can't believe she is off to Kindergarten in the Fall.  And you know what that means... Junior High is around the corner! 

Luke finished up a terrific soccer season.  It was so fun to have him on such a great team!  (Last season he was on a team with all new players to the sport.)  Luke made a lot of goals and it really made up for the fact that spring soccer in Idaho is FREEZING!  It was so fun cheering you forgot you were freezing your buns off.  He learned a lot  and definitely improved! 

Luke had a great coach.

Luke is great about waiting his turn and being a team player. 

Last pep talk from the coach. 

Gooooo Team Black!  (That is Luke with his hands lifted up in the back.)

I wasn't able to go to Michael's last game so I sent the camera with Dad...he did a pretty good job, but is not as used to using it as I am.  That's Michael with the black and blue uniform on there. 

He is a pretty cute kid! 

Michael also improved bunches and played great defense.  He almost never allows the other team to score!

Michael is front and center.  He also had a great coach and Ryan even was able to help with the coaching so that was fun. 

We are all signed up for Fall Soccer and hopefully it will be a little WARMER!

And last, but not least, I had to include one of our end of the year assemblies for all the top readers in the read-a-thon.  Here is one of our FAVORITE teachers, Ms. Wood. (Not to mention great friend!)  She taught Luke in Kindergarten, Michael in 2nd grade, and Luke again this year in 2nd grade.  She is all dressed up for the occasion ...doesn't she look cute!?

Michael is really getting into the cheering...

And here he is...he was one of the top SIX readers in the school for the annual Read-a-thon and he won a prize.  This kid is motivated by competition for sure!  I already can't wait to see how he does next year!  GREAT JOB, MICHAEL!

And there is Luke...he sure is cute. 

And that is a wrap, for tonight at least!  

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