Monday, June 10, 2013

First few days in St George

We headed down to St George on a Thursday.  It is always a hassle getting out of town and no matter how "prepared" we are to leave at a certain time...getting out the door always seems to take longer than I imagine. (or hope!)  Packing six kids, making sure the house is spic and span, doing every last bit of laundry and then dealing with a broken dryer, making sure the dogs are taken care of, oh, and the lawn, and last minute errands into town, the list goes on!  

It was all worth it though...and despite our late start, we arrived at the condo in St George in time to see this...
 We enjoyed the beautiful sunset while I made a quick dinner of Macaroni and Tomato Juice.  What would I do without that family staple?  I really need to share the recipe sometime because I know everyone is dying to have it.  (I kid, but really it is everyone's favorite and the birthday meal I would ask for as a child.)  

This is not really in I skip to Saturday.  We had read that there was a Farmer's Market Saturday Morning in St George.  I was imagining more fruits and veggies, but it was more arts and crafts.  We still had a great time wondering around looking at things and even came home with a few gifts.  

One of the really fun things we discovered was a huge splash pad and this fun water area they have built right in the middle of the square downtown.  The kids loved it.  It is built to look like the surrounding area and a river and it was just what we needed to cool down from the heat. 

It is amazing how no matter how bad the kids moods "might" be, get them out in fresh air and let them play in some water and they are all instantly happy! 

Joshua wasn't into as much as the other kids.  I think he felt he had to secretly boycott everything to show his support for NOT moving to St George.  He is definitely an Idaho boy!

After cooling off we headed over to check out the St George Tabernacle and maybe take a tour.  It was perfect timing, because they were about to begin with one of their summer weekly concerts.  We thought we would just stay for  a little bit, but we ended up staying for the entire thing, and everyone enjoyed it!

A local Celtic group performed for about an hour.  Who doesn't love bagpipes!?  They had four musicians that switched on and off on the violin, a little pipe thing I am not even familiar with, the piano, drums, a flute, and of course, the bagpipes.  (Ryan said it was a sign we came to the concert because I have always wanted the boys to learn bagpipes and this lady gives lessons locally!) I think Ryan was looking for a lot of "signs" throughout the trip!  

Joshua and James especially enjoyed watching several couple that were clearly in love and having little dates in the Tabernacle.  

This couple was Joshua's favorite. 

I might have to delete those photos...but this is pretty much a family blog and so I don't feel too busted. It just brings back lots of memories.  :)  And perhaps Joshua will read this since he is in Washington DC right now. 

After the concert we headed back out into the sunshine.  Everyone was starving and ready for lunch.  

The Tabernacle and surrounding area were really beautiful.  (And note Annie, still doing cartwheels everywhere she goes.)

Okay, rewind back to Friday.  We HAD to stop at the local In-N-Out for our favorite burgers.  We sure wish we had one here.  Of course, then I say it would not be so "special" when we get to go.  

James took this and we posted it on Instagram.  We thought it made Ryan look like a true Southern Utah cowboy.  He didn't think it was as funny as we did.  

And back to Saturday...after scarfing down some sandwiches we had to take a trip to Nielson's Frozen Custard.  YUM!  We are in love with this custard from frequenting the Nielson's in Bountiful, Utah.  I still remember visiting my uncle one summer and and him telling us we "just had to try it."  I have made several stops over the years just for some custard while passing through Bountiful.  I have to admit having a Nielson's Frozen Custard Shop definitely gives St George bonus points.  But guess what I just discovered?  REXBURG has one too!  

Sometimes in the middle of vacations things can seem stressful or not going as smoothly as you would like, but it sure is fun looking back on pictures and it is worth the packing and the hassles to make memories together.  Now only if I had some Frozen Custard right now...

*PS Forgive me for all the bad grammer and typos. I can't bare to re-read this and edit.  Time for this mama to hit the hay!

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