Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cold Weather and Family Gatherings...

I still have not quite caught up on the month of May.

We have a lot of May birthday's around here.  We celebrated with our cousin Sadie on Mother's Day.  I like that Joshua is so into singing Happy Birthday to her here. 

On my Mom's Birthday a few of us were able to sneak out and have lunch.  It was tasty. 

Later that evening, all the cousins and family gathered at Orange Leaf for some Birthday Frozen Yogurt.  Yummy.  

Happy Birthday, Grandma!  (Grandpa's birthday was earlier that month too.) 

Aunt Melissa keeping some of the troops under control! 

I think this picture is my favorite.  I love David's face and I can just see that Jennifer is passing on some funny story here.

I think London and Annie are catching up on the latest here too. 

Thanks for the yummy birthday treat, Grandpa! 

On Memorial Day, we had a little BBQ around the fire pit in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard. 

Roasting hotdogs is hard work!  (Really the smoke from the fire was blinding our eyes.)

It was a tasty and fun gathering.  What a great way to kick off summer vacation!  I can't believe we are already a month in.  Did I tell you that I love summertime? 

Sometimes the beginning of summer can look like this around here-
Really, that was taken at a soccer game and it was technically still Springtime. was CHILLY. 

I can't remember if I posted this picture already.  (I know I did on Instagram.)  Anyway, Annie tagged along with me while I helped with Field Day the last week of school.  If you live in Idaho, don't put your coat away until well into June. 

We have really enjoyed watching this little beauty on our way to and from town for the past month.  Yesterday he was running from his mother, doing figure eights between the trees. It was so cute.  Reminds me of some of my little ones. 

The first few weeks the mother never left her baby's side.  If the baby was sleeping, she would just stand over it.  She patiently waited for her baby to stand, walk, or feed.  There is no worrying about schedules, no rushing the baby along, you can tell that baby's well-being is the mother's only priority.  I think as mothers of little humans we could learn some lessons from watching mothers in nature.  (Then again, this horse doesn't have to worry about vacuuming her field.) 

It is a beautiful time of year here, and I am just trying to soak in every day of beautiful green fields, and amazing sunsets.  

Now, I must be like that good mother horse and go tuck my little chickies in bed!  

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