Sunday, June 9, 2013

End of the School Year

I really want to get to our St George trip we just got back from so I better get a move on the month of May!  Here are some more fun things we did-

I don't know how much "fun" Joshua's Science project was, but it was at least an "experience".  
I convinced him to do one of the Surveying Projects  since his Dad is an engineer.  Dad reminded me, "I am an engineer...I don't have any surveying stuff around here."  (His survey guy is in CA.)  I knew if they put their heads together they could figure it out.  This awesome local Engineering company helped us out.  This is a survey of the land next to Grandpa's horse pasture.  

This was a to scale model of the piece of land.  It looks almost like it belongs in St George, with the red fine dirt.  :)

I tried to make Joshua pose for a picture when I dropped him off for school...but that was not happening. 

On their last day of Elementary School the sixth graders are allowed to run through the halls yelling.  They were pretty fast and I almost didn't catch James.  

They also hold a basketball game where the sixth graders try and beat the faculty.  The faculty dressed up funny for the last game.  The one on the left was both James and Joshua's primary sixth grade teacher.  The one in the middle was James Social Studies and Science teacher, and the one on the right was Math.  I bet they will love be remembered in this gear.  :)  They are all awesome and really worked with helping James out this year with everything going on. 

Gunnar and Luke...moving up to THIRD grade next year.  How is that possible? 

Joshua was finally ready for braces after a year of moving his jaw.  I snapped this in the office right before he got them put on. 

 A couple weeks later I told him I needed a picture of the new braces and this is what I got...

For future posterity...

And he finally lets me take a real picture. 

The last week of school was Seminary Graduation.  This crew went to support the graduates.  (These two cute girls are our neighbors.)  Since we had so much going on that day, this outfit of Joshua's was all we had time for him to throw on.

One last picture of James on his last day of Elementary School.  Despite all the drawing on his face, I think he looks pretty cute. 

I found a picture of him on the first day of Kindergarten.  

 This DOES NOT seem that long ago.  

And while I am at it...this little guy will be going into the 4th grade next year.  He was so funny at this age!

I had to take a snap shot of Luke's lunch pail.  It has finally bitten the dust, but I didn't want to forget it. I think he is growing out of the Luke Skywalker stage, so that is a little sad.  :(

And that wraps up the end of the school year for us!  I am LOVING summer break so far!  I love lazy summer days.  I love the warm sunshine and the extra free time.  Hurray!

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