Friday, May 25, 2012


I have been hesitant to announce a new member of our family as of Mother's Day Weekend because

A. Our last failure with our Jack Russel Puppy
B. We already have a dog.

I am actually realizing that most dog people I know have more than one dog.  This always seemed WAY too much for me.  My friend Marla always told me two dogs are easier than one because they keep each other company, and I can already see that is true in many ways.  (Minus the extra food and poop duty.)

We have a new Golden Retriever Puppy named DAISY.  She is VERY cute, and actually pretty good as far as puppies go.  She is not an "around the house" dog.  She is confined to our sunroom, and she actually likes being outside best.  Even though she is so cute she has done some nasty things like caught a MOUSE outside and played with it for an hour.  Gross...but I am happy she can catch mice!  She is very different from Willow, but Willow is learning to tolerate her playful happy ways.  Willow is actually helpful, showing her what is not acceptable and how to use the bathroom.

When given the chance she does like to we have to keep lots of chew toys and bones available.

She is so soft and perfect.

Here Joshua is making sure both dogs get affection.  Willow has relaxed a little from the first week once she realized she is allowed anywhere in the house and Daisy is not.  It is kind of funny how she "knows".

Michael and Daisy

Anne plays with the dog non-stop.  This is how she carries her around.  I try to tell her that the dog will be bigger than her soon, so I guess she is enjoying her "baby" while she can.   Instead of watching cartoons in the morning now, Anne can be found playing with the dog-that is worth it to me!

She is so affectionate and LOVES attention. 

It is so funny watching these two.  They are both a little clumsy on their feet.

They both tripped and ROLLED down the hill together.  Wish I had it on tape.

One bonus...if you live in Idaho and have a puppy Spring and Summer are the way to go.  It can be outside and roll around in the soft grass instead of the snow.

On another note, today is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!  I always feel a little melancholy about it because

A.  I feel so much gratitude for their teachers.  They have my kids the majority of the day and I feel sad to "let them go."

B.  It means that my kids are one grade older.  I can't believe Joshua will be in 8th grade next year, and that Luke will be in 2nd!  I swear this year went by faster than usual...VERY fast!

I mostly feel happy though, and I think that is pretty self-explanatory.

A. If they stay up too late playing outside (It doesn't get dark until after 9pm) that is OKAY!  They can sleep in the morning.  If we want to have a movie night on a Wednesday, we can!

B.  No homework and hustle and bustle here and there.

C.  Time to do fun things with the kids that we just don't have time for in the school year.

D.  A "new" routines, new chore charts, new goals for the summer

E.  I love everything about Summertime, the weather, snow cones, family trips, lots of birthdays, camp fires...

The only sad thing about today is that Michael had the stomach flu yesterday and missed Field Day Festivities.  And then today I got Luke all ready and right before he headed out the door-PUKE.  So he is home missing the last day of school.  I hope it stops with Luke.

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