Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Total Eclipse of the Heart

I am sorry, I just can't stop singing that song whenever someone mentions the word, ECLIPSE.  "Turn around bright eyes...."

We took a little walk to Grandma and Grandpa's to view the Eclipse.  Bruno Jackman, a sweet man in our ward, gave my mom sunglasses to view the site.  It was pretty sweet.

I put this on Facebook and someone thought it was Joshua and I.  They said, "Natalie, you are SO tiny!"  I replied, "I wish...that is my niece Abigail."  Funny.

This is me...Not so tiny.  I tried to erase my booty, and let's just say I need some practice in the photoshop department.  Busted. I also tried to erase all the bruises on my legs. I always look like I just was in an accident or something.  ANYWAY, Luke and I are enjoying the solar sites. 


 Joshua and Michael.  

 The sun was bright, but everything around us was just a little darker and eerie.  Very neat!

All these photos were taken via iPhone.  Look at that little dot in the middle of that tree straight ahead...what is it?  It look like the eclipse did through the sunglasses.  ????   Mystery.

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