Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Birthday to you....

Over the weekend I missed two birthdays.  Friday was Austin's and Saturday was Uncle Cade's.  Does it count that I thought about them all day long?

 No one will ever be able to accuse Cade of not living life to the fullest...(They can accuse him of hating blogs...so he might never see this. ) :)

Never been too shy...

If you are wondering...he went SKI DIVING here...

Willing to take one for the team...

So glad Cade married Michele (I think he is too.)  I was rooting for that one from day one.


He has lots of skills...

The kids know it is always fun times with Cade around! 

Feliz Cumpleanos, Wesley Cade!

I still have not transferred all my pics from my old computer so I was lacking in the Austin department...but I did find these.  Austin came to see us in Palm Springs when he was only a few weeks old.  

A few months later at Bear Lake.  Heidi, forgive me. 

Don't be fooled, these two are not tigers try as they might.  They are monkeys.  Nothin' but trouble!

Step away from the cupcakes fellows.

I think this picture taken at Bear Lake is just so funny! 

So glad we have Austin in our family!  

Happy Late Birthday Austin! 

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