Monday, May 7, 2012

Random Wrap Up

May is so busy and it seems the weeks are flying by.  Here is just a few random things we have been doing...

A couple weekends ago there was a Kids Fair here in town.  I had heard Dora and Diego would be performing there.  Annie LOVES Dora and Diego.  I was imagining a stage...dancing, singing.  No.  They were SO lame, just lame dressed up stuffed-animal looking things SITTING on a couch with a 4 hour line to take your picture with them.  Forget it!  Ryan was busy working so I thought I would be a "fun" Mom and take the youngest four to the fair. It was a mistake...I hate these kind of things.  I can think of about 50 things that would have been more fun.  I think the coolest thing there was this helicopter.  And the helicopter was OUTSIDE the event, before we paid to get in. We should have just looked at that and then left.  

The cop cars were cool too...

This picture is in honor of Joshua's favorite restaurant lately.  Actually we just noticed that the cow was hanging out and unlike Dora and Diego there was no line to see Mr. Cow.

I thought it was really cool when I realized there was no line for Snow White, but after taking this picture I realized there WAS a line...I had accidentally cut everyone.  Oops!  I paid for it though, I lost my iphone at this booth...and FIVE hours later found it.  Sitting right there untouched in the middle of where the crowd was.  Serious blessing.  I had to repent because in my heart of hearts I had accused all the people there of stealing it. It had been a bad week and this was the cherry on top!  I guess we all have those!

This was a trip to Sam's last week with the girls.  I love the double seats they have in their carts.  I love that I have two kids still at home with me.  I always get sad and melancholy at the end of the school year when I realize all the kids are one grade older.  This next year will be Annie's last at home before Kindergarten.  Boo hoo, so sad. 

In the summer we pretty much eat strawberries and milk with a little sugar everyday around here.  In August strawberries are replaced by raspberries and peaches.  If we are lucky I might have some half and half or whole cream.  These days we don't wait until summer.  We just pour milk right on top of frozen blueberries from Sams.  The milk freezes and gets slushy and delicious. Michael could live on this stuff.

Ryan was out of town last week and this little peanut had to go on about a billion errands and events last Friday.  The last event of the day was a Basketball game at the YMCA at 8pm for the older boys.  She had been going all day and had enough! She kept running on the court and trying to get away from me.  She thought she was pretty funny!

For Earth Day the Elementary kids can do an optional project of their choice made out of anything your can recycle.  Luke quickly snatched some boxes I was throwing out and with a little help from Dad came up with this Robot.  I helped him paint.  Luke sure is a happy kid.  Love it!

Happy May!

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