Saturday, May 19, 2012

So many things...

I am have been so busy I have not had a minute to blog so I figure I better take a second to catch up while the girls are still sleeping!  Here are a few things we have been up to this month-

Trips to Sams...

 Happy Mother's Day to my Mom, Mom-in-law, Grandmothers...I was one busy Mama this year and didn't even get out ANY cards.  My mom was in Southern California since Carly just had her baby.  My sister's family and our family had a potluck at my Dad's.  It was VERY low key.  My Dad volunteered to grill us some steaks but the grill was not heating up.  We kept having delays, but after an hour or so we finally had dinner on the table.  It was fine with me because I didn't have to do much at all! 

We made it even easier by eating out on the driveway.  

I think if my mom had been there we would not be eating in the garage.  But, it was just feeling a little hot and we wanted shade!  It was perfect, and kinda funny.

This is the season of Field Trips and Field Days.  I went on this Field Trip with Luke this week.  It was an ALL day event, but fun to just spend time with him.  I have to spread myself out, but try to make at least one with each kid.  I thought it was so funny because the morning before the field trip Luke was saying how excited he was that I was coming.  Joshua said, "Man, when I was your age I would HIDE those field trip papers because I didn't want mom to volunteer to come."  He thought I was so embarrassing!  I am glad LUKE appreciates me coming! 

The Fire Station...see Luke on the left in the front completely enthralled with the fireman.  He loved it and when some of the kids lost interest, he was fascinated the whole time!

Checking out the ambulance...

Luke is trying on the oxygen tanks.  Did you know those puppies are 30 pounds? All the gear together is about 100 pounds!  Can you believe it?  You would have to be in seriously good shape.  When the fireman was talking about it one of the mom's said, "Now you know how we feel for 9 months."  100 pounds for 9 months?  Seriously?  You can blame that on a baby, but I think you ate too many donuts. (Disclaimer: It was not the Mom in this picture.)

The last stop of the day was at the Sand Dunes.  (Anne came along on the field trip too.)  It felt more like we were in the Sahara.  I thought I was going to die.  I know, I am wimpy...I think it was in the 80s.  That stuff on Luke's face is all sand.

James is doing a Spring Football League and it has ended up being just as intense as Fall.  This is what he looks like after practice, sweaty and tired.  

My Dad's 70th Birthday was on Thursday....Happy Birthday Dad!  All of us kids decided to compile a book of memories for him.  We contacted friends, relatives, military comrades, childhood friends, church folks and neighbors and asked them to share a memory they had with my Dad.  It was so interesting hearing all that people had to say. I am so proud of my Dad and the good life he has led.  He is a great example to his children and grandchildren and greatly loved by all who know him.
 I compiled it into a book and we presented it to him that night.  

All of us that are in town went to dinner that night. (David must have been tired and fallen asleep-just kidding.)

I am just so happy because Spring has finally made it to Idaho!  Only in Idaho do my tulips finally bloom mid may.  I love them.

All Anne wants to do now that the weather is nice is ride her bike!  She also wants you to "watch" her.    
"Mom, come watch me ride my bike."  Then she says, "Pedal to the metal!" 

Everything looks so pretty when the trees get their leaves!

Sophie just runs around in circles chasing Anne.

Joshua taking in the fresh air!

I love the Valley in Springtime.

My mom cut these lilacs from her yard and brought them by, so my house even had Spring in the air!

And one last thing...Sophie's first ponytail!

Happy final week until Summer Break, yahoo~

PS Here is a picture of me on a field trip with Joshua when he was in second grade...SO EMBARRASSING!!!!
 It actually is pretty embarrassing only because it is a terrible picture of me.  Joshua is sure a cutie though.

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