Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Lovin...

Well, we have not had too much summer lovin' around here yet.  Literally MINUTES after writing my last post I started to feel that inevitable feeling that throw up is coming.  YUCK.  The 24 hours that followed were laying in bed and running to the bathroom.  That is the WORST.  Every time I have the throw-up flu I am reminded of being pregnant and how it is always more awful than you remember.  So glad my little session was only 24 hours and not 4 months long.

We have had some fun summer times though the past few weeks.  The kids play outside until it gets dark and there are kids running in and outside the house. I love it.  (Most of the time....except yesterday, "I am sick! Play OUTSIDE!" We just had a family with 9 kids move in on our circle, so the kids are loving that there are more friends around.  Then there is the puppy...lots of playing with the puppy.

Out for a morning stroll.

I am tired, I think I will just lay here.

This was in the first few days of puppy love.  Anne went EVERYWHERE with the puppy.  The puppy is normally NOT allowed on the couches!

Favorite activity with puppy...

One thing I am going to miss about summer...quiet mornings with these two.  Just playing and occupying themselves with things like ski masks and puppies.

Conga line with the neighbor kids...


I love how Michael is really into that last CHA!

Club Meetings on the back porch.  

Voting on the agenda?

Cheers to no more sickness and lots of summer lovin'! 

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  1. That's a serious neighborhood gang there. Get ready for fun!