Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A few random things...

My family stays at the same resort at Bear Lake every year.  We have been going there since I was a kid.  Not much has changed since then either!  It is not fancy at all...but we love it.  You can pretty much just let the kids roam and you are not worried about them.  It is just a bunch of other families there having reunions too!  There are pools, tennis courts, and beach access to the lake. 

A few years ago some dear friends of ours from California built at home (or two) at Bear Lake just about a mile from where we usually stay with my family.  Over the years they have been so kind to let us crash there when space has been tight in the condo.  (My family has grown quite a bit in the past few years!)  We stayed there this year again.  This will be the last year we will stay in the big "cabin" as they call it, since they just sold it.  Here are a few pictures of it...(I took them last minute and hadn't done any cleaning up yet as you can tell!)  

The dining area....

Fireplace area off the huge living room. 

They have some beautiful art throughout the home. This is one of my favorites....

The playroom would be the kids favorite....this is just one side of the room.

There was so much attention to detail when building the cabin.  They included local plant themes throughout the home.  It is beautiful!

 The media room in the basement...my kids spent a lot of time playing pool here!

Every bathroom in the home is unique...

Annie could not get enough of the bathtub! 

The front of the media room in time basement.  It is a walk out basement and so when the blinds are up it is light and you can see the beautiful gardens around you. 

Another one of my favorite paintings. I believe it is by the same artist as the one above.  I love the colors! 

The "Red Room"...where we stayed this time.  

The family room on the main floor.  

These pictures are just a small portion of the home, but I really missed the most beautiful part to me...the grounds.  They are so pretty and the view of the lake is perfect.  The home is so lovely, but the owners are even more lovely.  They have been so generous to share with us!  

My family with their Arizona cousins....saying our goodbyes!

 Right after getting home from Bear Lake we took all the kids to the zoo.  I rarely get a shot of ALL four boys together like this.  I love it!

I sure miss those two boys on the left.  They have been gone for over a week, and it seems like forever!   I am ready for them to come home! 


  1. Great pics! I love the new family pic on your header. What a great tree! Syd has that same polka-dot suit too:)

    1. Thanks Rebecca! The picture (as you can tell) was not professional, just a snap shot we took on a hike, but it works. So great talking to you, as usual!