Thursday, August 2, 2012


Sorry, I could not finish posting on Bear Lake.  Having way to much fun watching the Olympics!  I love how the Olympics have nothing to do with politics and all the craziness we have going on in the world.  Just pure sport and cheering for your country!  I have memories watching every single Olympics since 1984.  I remember watching Mary Lou in 1984 win the Gold.  We were visiting our cousins in Kentucky and afterwards I remember pretending we were gymnasts in their basement.

Tonight did not disappoint!  I was cheering for Gabby all along!  GO USA!
Disclaimer...I was not actually in London, so didn't take any of these pictures!

You gotta love those Russians.  Our love began with Svetlana Khorkinda.  Remember her? She was in THREE Olympics in a row and made it so much fun to watch.

The "Diva" tradition continues...Something about the Russians is just so fascinating. 

I leave you with one last Russian Olympian.  Remember him from the Winter Olympics?  He cracks me up, so intense.  You just look at him and you know that he is Russian.  America just is not putting out any men like this...the mullet and all.  

It must be getting late...I am getting off topic. (Russian figure skaters?)
ANYWAY, What a great year for US Women's Gymnastics!  

Cheers to the rest of the Olympics.  When they are over I might get some sleep! 
PS Ryan, don't worry...I am cheering for all those swimmers too!  

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  1. Gabby was my pick the whole way through so I was HAPPY!! I did feel sorry for the Russian girl though, what a heartbreaker. Your pics are svetlana's nips and high cut leo. Why do they do that??? I was saying that to Travis last night while we were watching, the high-cut doesn't flatter at all in any part. They were showing years ago and the leos looked so much better with no hip bones protruding. Although they all have rockin hot bods so they probably don't care a bit.