Sunday, August 12, 2012

A few summer happenings....

One of our favorite families from where we lived in Manteca sent their daughter to Idaho to go to  camp at BYU-I.  

This is her right off the plane, she is calling her parents to tell them she made it.  Welcome to Idaho, Katelyn!  

This was the day she left.  She is a beautiful girl! 

We were trying to get a picture of these two together...but for once in her life Annie did NOT want to get her picture taken!

Annie didn't mind getting her picture here.  In fact, she told Katelyn..."come on, brownie faces!"  Katelyn was like, "What is a brownie face?"  Apparently, this face is a brownie face. Annie had so much fun with Katelyn.  I think she liked having an "older sister" for the weekend!

Annie likes to play with the neighbors every chance she gets!  These two always crack me up.  I could not believe Keisha was carrying Annie around on this baby backpack.  Talk about a workout!

What does Sophie like to do around the house?  Well, see these blankets folded nicely?  

She loves to pull them all out and then makes this face..."Victory!"  She is not really attached to just one.  Just likes them ALL. 

Another one of our favorite families from California....lucky for us Lori moved to Idaho and had two cute babies.  We were able to celebrate Baby Molly's blessing with a yummy lunch at their house.

By looking at these two you can see they were doing quite a bit of celebrating.  :)  I told them to pose together for a picture and this is what I got. 

This guy was enjoying all the treats!

Sophie was just glad there were so many other little kids there.  

Brenda taking in her beautiful Grandbaby!

We were happy that Christina decided that Idaho was better than California too and moved out here after Lori did.  (Wait, I don't think she decided that, but we will take her anyway!)  Her dad will always be "Bishop" to me.  He was the best bishop ever. 

Isn't this what summer is all about?  Relaxing in a swing?

 Right before Bear Lake I hosted a Bridal Shower for one of our favorite Idaho families.  Daughter Michele's wedding was while we were at Bear Lake so we missed it.  :(  We were glad we could party with everyone at her shower!

This is the cute sister-in-law, Erin.  I wished I looked like this when I was pregnant!

One of my favorite people...mother-of-the-bride, Donalyn!  She is telling some exciting story here. 

I love this picture of Jessica June and her Grandma!  

While the grown-ups were having a party, these two were having their own party downstairs.  They dressed up (of course) and then came down and did a fashion show for us.  Annie is into this little "leg stance" lately.  I don't know where she learned it, but she does it every time I tell her to pose for a picture!

They had a lot of fun together!

I don't know HOW I didn't get any pictures of the actual BRIDE!  This was the only one!  Michele is on the far left.  It was so fun to see old friends and visit!  (And Sophie is in high fashion in a diaper.)

What else has been going on?  Mostly allergies.  Terrible allergies.  All the grain fields being cut around here are pretty much killing me. 

I am enjoying every last minute of summer.  Even though some days I feel ready to get these kids back to school and on a schedule....I still LOVE summer and know that with school, the madness of schedules begins!  I will enjoy every bit of it!

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