Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fun in the Sun

Okay, brace yourself.  I really tried to narrow this down!  

London and Anne in their twin pink polka dot swimsuits.

The Dad's take the kids to the pool.

Poor Soph, she has to watch from the sidelines.

This was the sky that night at the pool.  My camera didn't really capture the beauty.  It seems Bear Lake always has pretty sunsets.

I like how in this one you can imagine they are discussing something really important...or David is imparting some words of wisdom from his youth.

This one of Joshua looks so funny. I don't know what he is doing.

Anne stole the show each night jumping off the diving board.  She is fearless.

Had to get a shot from 'behind'.  :)

Alexis, Emmaline, and Chloe

Aunt Melissa and London

James, Holden, and Joshua

 Just thought this was funny, for several reasons.  First, my niece Abigail in her robe.  This girl wears a robe over her PJs always.  The little towel-thingy on her head just adds a special touch.  Second, I thought it was cute how the little girls were carrying on a deep conversation with her. 

The next day at the Beach was our last day at the Lake.  Anne was all prepared to look her best. :) 

Just looking at these make me wish I was at the lake, like right now.

Fun in the sand...

Photo shoot in the water...and I will have you know that photo SHOOT doesn't mean photo SHOP.  If could photo shop, I would have made myself have some really skinny legs! 

I had to zoom in on this one...I just love her face!


More fun on the beach...

(Emmaline and Alexis)

(Eliza and Anne)

(Anne and Sophie...Emmaline too!)

Anne, Mom, and Michael tearing it up on the lake.  :)

Sophie enjoying some refreshment.

Luke and cousin, Austin. They are getting so big!

Isabelle and Eliza

Family love...

 Michael spent a long time trying to catch little fish.

Aunt Heidi...doing her thing at the beach.  That usually involves a coke and a good book.

Sophie....getting so tired after a long afternoon in the sun.

Look at these cuties! Not a care in the world! Just hand over your empty drink containers, and we will be happy for hours!

Well, that's a wrap!  I think we have the beach and pool pretty much covered.  We joke that every year we have a million pictures that look just about the same...but the kids are just a little older.  I just love, love, love summertime!

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  1. Thanks for the post Natalie. I agree that the pictures sort of look the same every year, just older kids. But that just means I know how much fun everyone had. Wish I could have been there. By the way, Joshua is looking pretty ripped in some of those pictures. Must be taking after Ryan in his swimming days.