Monday, August 27, 2012

And they are off...

The kids made it out the door!  Wow, sure is quiet.  We had a meeting last night and went over new bedtimes and routines.  The kids actually seemed pretty cooperative and excited so that it always a plus!  They were all so excited they were easy to wake up.  Me, on the other hand, I was exhausted!  I stayed up late cleaning so everything would be ready to go in the morning.  Then I couldn't fall asleep.  I think it was 130am last time I looked at the clock.  Yikes.  6:00am way too soon!

Everything went as planned, except I bade them farewell in my bathrobe.  I know, I have it pretty good, I don't have to drive them or walk them to school. (I did that one for years.) Now they just run to the end of the street and catch the bus.  But, don't worry....there are times when they miss the bus throughout the school year, and you bet I still am wearing this old robe driving them to school.  A robe, Uggs, and sun glasses (I am hoping that no one will recognize me) are my usual attire.  I pray the whole way home that I don't get in an accident. (Not too worried about the actual accident, just the whole getting out of the car thing.)  Ahh!  What would I do?  I told myself I was going to be dressed (at least in my workout clothes) before I wake them up this year.  Maybe I will do better tomorrow!

Here are the "first day" pics.

Luke, 2nd Grade (How did that happen?)

Michael, 3rd grade

(Do you like how the sky here is white?)  That is not just bad picture taking skills.  That is how it has been for like a MONTH!  I miss clouds and blue skies.  Darn fires! 

James, 6th grade

Joshua, 8th grade

This is more like it...

Fond farewells...

Now I must go conquer the house!  Not to mention, I already received a phone call from the school.  It was Luke.  He can't seem to find his lunch box.  Did he leave it at the bus stop?  On the bus?  He is not really sure.  Here we go....

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