Sunday, August 19, 2012

The good and the bad...

I really love summer, as I said before.  I love how you get to relax and have time to just be with your family.  I love not having to be a million places every afternoon like you do in during the school year. Everything in life, even the good things, usually have a good and bad to them though. 

Good thing-You get to visit family a little more. Ryan had another business trip to California and lucky for these two, they were able to tag along.  We were sad to hear that Great-Grandma was in the hospital for a week or so.  We were happy these two were able to drop in and visit her.  These guys had a great time at Nana and Papa's and were not even ready to come home!  The good thing about sending children away to visit family?  They have a great time and Mom gets a little sanity.  The bad thing?  I am not sure if there is a down side to that one.  Ha-ha! 

Here we are all watching the Olympics.  Definitely one of the "good things" about summer!  It was fun relaxing as a family and watching all the athletes each night.  Bad thing?  All the kids want to stay up all night and no one wants to get up in the morning. (Including me!)

Good thing-uninterupted summer naps.  No waking anyone to rush someone to practice. 

Good thing-fun with cousins and FIREWORKS!!!  

I love this picture of Ryan.  

I think this picture was at like 10 o'clock at night.  It makes me sad to see it getting dark a little earlier each night!  Bad thing about fireworks-I found an arsenal of explosives under Annie's bed this afternoon.  Somehow she had found a few left over fireworks and decided to save them for a rainy day???  (Update: Joshua just confessed that was him that hid them under her bed.  That makes more sense!)

 Good thing-I was able to have a little more one-on-one time with these guys while the two boys were in California and Joshua was at Scout Camp.  

Good thing-I love Instagram, and all the technology we have these days to record daily events in our lives.  I wish I had pictures of my older kids like I do of the younger ones.  I feel kind cheesy taking self-portraits, but I want to have pictures of me with my children.  Bad thing-sometimes it can be a little over board and I feel like just another one of those people on Facebook, with their arm in the picture taking yet another picture of themselves.  Isn't that all a little weird?  

Good thing-smart phones.  I love my iPhone.  I love having it to take pictures, email, text, navigate, pretty much they can do anything!  Bad thing-all these dumb games!  My kids always steal my phone even though I have a password (they are always watching and figure it out soon enough).  I rarely let them play if I can help it.  Seriously, BIGGEST WASTE OF TIME to me.  One of my favorite songs growing up was about summer-  

"Oh, what do you do in the summer-time, when all the world is green?  Do you fish in a stream, or lazily dream on the banks as the clouds go by? Is that what you do?  So do I."  

I swear kids these days don't lay down in the grass and just "lazily dream" looking at clouds. I remember just staring at pieces of grass and being bored out of my mind for large chunks of time.  Somehow though, it never seemed a bad thing.  Instead, of "lazily" looking at clouds, they lazily look at screens!  I can't stand it! AHHHH!!!!  It seems like such an uphill battle sometimes. 

I even give Ryan a bad time about playing his phone.  Good thing-he has really cut back!  

Look we had a real live bird in our house of birds!  Good thing-the boys have had lots of pet sitting opportunities this summer.  We had this nice little birdie for almost a month.  Another good thing-more fun with this cute cousin!

I just thought this picture of my brother at our family dinner was funny!  Good thing-service.  In our Church we have "callings".  My brother has been the bishop of a congregation for almost five years now.  It is pretty amazing to have the chance to make an impact on other people's lives.  Bad thing-NO SLEEP and pure exhaustion, especially on Sundays!  

The other day Ryan sent me this via text message after a particularly long day with the kids.  You know those summer days when you decide that you ARE TOTALLY ready for school to start.  Good thing-it made me laugh SO hard.  Bad thing-it had a swear word in in, that I edited out.  It was right after the word bat.  :)  

 This will be our last week of summer vacation. I have LOTS to pack in.  It will probably be a little nuts, and I guess that is the way the universe works...otherwise you would never want to send your cute little children to school.  That is why when you are pregnant you get fat and uncomfortable, if not you would never want to push out that cute baby.   Everything in life has a good and a bad, and it is the bad things that lead us back to the good!  (Example:  Good-Brownies/Bad-Too many Brownies/leads us back to the good....fruits and veggies.)  Somehow, it always leads back to food for me.  :)

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