Friday, April 13, 2012


So many hunts this year...  We tried out our community hunt for the first time on Saturday morning.  There were oodles of people and they didn't get many eggs, but had a great time.  That afternoon we headed over to a friend's from church. They host a hunt every year.  I love catching pictures of the girls at this age because they so genuinely thrilled with the whole event.  The boys were in another section and I didn't get any pictures of them at that hunt.  But no need to fret...there would be more. 

Sophie took her job of gathering eggs pretty seriously. I could not help myself...lots of pictures.

Saturday was a lot of fun.  Sunday, the day we are to be celebrating Christ's Resurrection, started going downhill fast.  I decided that I need to majorly reevaluate our holiday plans because on both Christmas and Easter by the time we got out the door to church I was exhausted and could barely pay attention in Sacrament Meeting.  When I stay up until 2am helping the Easter Bunny...I am not too in tune on the spiritual front.

This is our pre-church photo.  (9am)  Mom, "James, pleeeease smile."

James exits stage right...mad. 

Post-church photo.  Everyone is smiling...including that nice little sunbeam in the middle of all the following pictures.  

I decided to go with the whole sunbeam thing...and go with a vintage look. 

We saved the Easter Hunt for after church.  The Easter Bunny has done various elaborate hunts through the years.  This year each child had a color. They could only get the eggs that were that particular color or had a bow with that color on it.  Sounds simple right?  Two words....2 am. 

I love this picture of James.  (I know, I know, many are wondering where I got the pink Easter Chairs...details coming.  Just jokes you will only get if you read a lot of blogs. I really got them at a second hand store, but never have quite got around to covering them.  I don't even see it on my radar.)

By this time Sophie was in desperate need of a nap.  "Is this really worth it?" she is thinking to herself.

I usually try to semi-coordinate the kids.  This year we had a pink group...

...and a green group.

That evening we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's for dinner.  I was thinking how grateful I was to have a place to go eat a nice Easter dinner.  If I had to cook something extra special that day it might have been grilled cheese.  

The Annual Family Hunt.  EVERYONE gets to participate.  There is lots of candy, and now that they  kids are older they try to find the eggs with money or gift certificates.  (If you are counting, yes, this was some of my kids 4th hunt.)  This is probably their favorite "hunt" of the holiday!

If you look at these next few pictures of Joshua and James you would think they really made out in the hunt...but you would be wrong.  They were so focused on finding the prize eggs, they didn't get ONE piece of candy.  They were really regretting this when we were home going through the loot.  I think they will survive.

I call these cousins in the back row the "middles."  They all did pretty well!

"Here, you can try mine if I can try yours." 

All in all it was a great weekend.  We made lots of memories.  But, like I said before...I am RETHINKING the holidays next year!  We usually review the last week of Christ life leading up to Easter, but didn't get a chance to squeeze it in this year.  Maybe that was part of what was missing.  I want the focus to be on celebrating the Resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ.  Maybe we will do the actual Easter Bunny Thing on Saturday.  I don't know.   Maybe the Easter Bunny doesn't have to do such an elaborate hunt.  What is wrong with just a plain old Easter Basket with everything IN it?  I am now realizing...don't start any elaborate traditions when you have two kids that you don't want to have to continue when you have six.  Simplify.

 My sister and I were venting about how Easter is becoming like another Christmas.  Not only do you get a few marshmallow eggs and should get new clothes, a bike, books, and toys.  It is seriously ridiculous!  (I did try and scale back in that department.)  I remember I would TREASURE every piece of candy in my basket.  It was so special.  Now it is like, oh, I better throw out our candy from the last holiday since we are getting more for Easter.  Maybe I need to limit sugar around here so when a holiday rolls around it is actually a TREAT. I guess I have a year to think on this.

I just know that this time with all the kids under one roof will be so quick so I want to make the most of every holiday we have.  I guess it is all about balance.  I am just grateful to be able to be together for holidays and make traditions.  Even if they stress me out.


  1. Before church pics are cracking me up because I notice James is bare foot AND MAD with socks and shoes on porch. Great post! I just told Travis last night what I spent on Easter and he flipped. He said "this is not Christmas!" I then told him about our conversation. He said "my" easter was RIDICULOUS and who cares what the kids say. I said, how about YOU be the Easter Bunny next year and do it your way and deal with the kids. I hope he follows through. And I can't wait to see what the kids say when they get 6 hard boiled eggs in their basket!

  2. ADORABLE Easter outfits (the green pants are my favorite) and you look super skinny!!! Have you been doing Isagenix?