Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Break Part 2

Okay, now for the pictures of my iPhone...

 I am so excited for the trip I can hardly stand it!  I won't go to bed the night before. 

Nana meets us for lunch at our favorite restaurant....

I don't even like fast food. I almost never eat a burger...except here. 



More fun with friends and as usual, LOTS of laughing.


Down in Palm Springs....Dane and Krista. 

Krista is hiding in Dane's hair. 

This beautiful lady is the reason we went to Palm Springs.  This is their wedding picture in Vegas.  It was the first time we met Aunt Carol.  There is no one like her.  She fought a long brave battle with Cancer.  Even in the midst of pain and sickness she was always concerned about everyone BUT herself.  She made everyone feel important.  She had more life than anyone I know!  We were all able to share memories of her at her beautiful memorial service.  We were glad we were able to be there.  

Uncle Doug and Ryan...Uncle Doug has been a great example to all of us of service and love to his sweetheart in sickness and in health. 

And finally I had to throw in this last picture of Ryan on the vacation, since he is often in some corner looking like this.  I tease him that he is playing games on his iPhone, but in his defense, he IS usually doing business. 

With Spring Break over and stop-SUMMER VACATION!  Can't wait!

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