Sunday, April 22, 2012

Three years ago

Three years ago this week we left California...I can't believe it has been three years, and then sometimes it seems a lifetime ago.  

 I can't believe we got our whole life into that moving truck.

Every nook and cranny was full.

We said goodbye to our school.

Our beautiful yard.

Our house...

Goodbye to all the painting and projects...

Our ward...

I can't believe how much small the boys look! 

We left early in the morning with the kids still sleeping.

James rode in the little truck with Dad. (Thanks Nana for the yummy toast and bacon!)

So long, California!

Goodbye Highway 99

I wish I had a picture but when we arrived in Idaho- my sister had made a Huge sign, 


It was nice to have a welcoming crew when we arrived.  

It was a BIG change and change is always hard.

We missed our friends and family left behind.  

We were thankful to have family and neighbors close by.

If I have learned anything in the last three years is the Lord works in Mysterious Ways!

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  1. Makes me tear up even though I am SO happy you live in Idaho even though I don't. Just imagine how much worse it would be if I lived in AZ, you were in CA and everyone else was in ID. I guess I tear up because it makes me think of packing up and leaving ID. :(