Friday, April 6, 2012

Funny conversation

I got a text from Jennifer this morning...

How dare she steal our dreams.  Jennifer, I think you should still have a baby and name it Charlotte.  It would be a great honor to Nienie and her new addition to the royal family.

PS Just because you have four girls, doesn't mean that you couldn't have a boy you know.


  1. You guys are funny. I always liked Charlotte. . . except when I was considering it for Lucy, my mom told me she didn't like it because it contained the word HARLOT. She once expressed similar complaints about some of the Milligan names: WAR-ren, HELL-en, Hor-. . .

    1. That is hilarious, Emily. I have never thought of that with those names! I am running through all our names in my mine to make sure none of them are offensive. Now, HARLOT, that would really shatter your Charlotte dreams. :)