Thursday, April 19, 2012

Goodbye Skiing, Hello Willow

I am so sad, I accidentally just deleted this entire post while trying to fix a mistake...GRRRRRR.  You can read about skiing and dogs another time. So sad.

Here we go again...

The boys got in quite a bit of skiing this year.  Whenever Joshua would hear that Grandpa was going skiing he would politely offer to accompany him.  Grandpa is great about taking them up and teaching them the love of the sport.  Since I am still nursing, going up all day does not work so well, so I didn't make it out too much.  Here was a day that Ryan was able to break away....nothing like that view from the top of Targhee!
Joshua, Dad, Michael, and James

Abigail, James, and Joshua enjoying a lunch break. 

Joshua, James, Grandma, and Abigail getting ready to head back up the hill. 

The best part of the ski season of me was not on the mountain.  It was one evening in January.  I had decided last minute that we should go to the Warren Miller Ski movie.  If you buys tickets you get two-for-one lift tickets.  During the intermission they do drawings for various ski prizes.  There was a total of SIX of us in our group.  My niece won a ski backpack.   I thought that was pretty lucky that someone in our group won.  Our luck had just begun!  I won $600 skies and Joshua won ski bindings.  SWEET! 

Who is this furry friend?  Well, even though our last dog did not pan out for us, I still really wanted to have a dog!  I saw this gal online at a shelter and told Ryan I wanted her... he was less than excited after the last dog fiasco.  She is an Llasa Apso that is three years old.  That was perfect because she was out of the puppy scratching, chewing, or potty accidents.  She doesn't bark much and she doesn't shed.  She looked so much like Max and I just knew she was for us! Her foster mom was not sure how she would do around the little kids. The night we brought her home she was so nervous and hid from us.  She gradually warmed up and now doesn't even flinch around Sophie.  I think her previous owners were not too good to her, but now she is living the high life!   

When we picked her up her name was Addie.  Since we have an Annie, Abbie, and Sadie around here I didn't think that worked too well.  My mom thought we should name her "Maxine" since she is pretty much Max reincarnated.  I finally decided since she's  my dog, I would pick her name...

She got her first haircut his week.  We went pretty short for the summer.  She is feeling pretty snazzy with her blue bow and new pink collar. 

 Funny story-
A year ago my twin nephews were born.  They named one of them Maxwell, but call him Max.  A few months later after Max (the twin) was born, Max (our dog) died.  Even though it was a tragic loss, we were happy that Max's name would live on.  :)  When I told Annie that I was naming the new dog "Willow" she said, "That's like the boys name."  By "boys" she meant the TWINS.  The other twin's name is William.  He goes by Will.  I think my brother would be so proud to know that his two son's have the same names as both of my beloved dogs....Max and Will (Willow).  Hee-hee

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