Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Break Part 1

We headed to California for Spring Break this year.  We had a great time.  The only bad part was trying to fit in so much in one week.  I took half my pictures with my regular camera and half with my phone.  I don't have ANY of my phone pictures right now....long story.  So this is a recap of half the trip (and not in order of the events.)

I know I posted car pictures already, but I had to get this one in on the way there.  I DO try to make them wear seat belts as much as possible, but looks like the boys slipped out to get comfortable here...

We drove all day Saturday to get to Lodi.  Sunday was relaxing and we were able to just enjoy being at Nana and Papa's house.  Cade and Michele came down from Chico to hang out.  Nana made a yummy dinner after Church.  Michele baked Texas Sheet Cake, Peach/Raspberry Pie, and delicious muffins.  Yum!  My no-sugar for Lent went out the window.

The kids love Nana's house.  She always has fun toys to play with.  This car was a hit and the girls always found someone to push them around and round the house in it. 

A little Sidewalk Chalk Art in Church Clothes.

Nana and Papa no longer have a dog.  Lucky for them all their kids have dogs!  I tried forever to get pictures of Annie and Presley....but NO LUCK.  Trust me, I took a million.  Presley was having too much fun to look at the camera.  So, I had to be content with some "action" shots.  It looks like they were plotting an escape from the back yard.  

"We can totally squeeze through here...hopefully, Sophie won't tell on us." 

"We don't have fences in Idaho, they are sure fun." 

 Puddles.  Nana and Papa really have a beautiful yard, the kids just like to play by the shed on the side of the house.  

More pictures of fun with Nana and Papa to come.

We were only in Northern California for a such a short time.  There were so many friends we didn't get to see!  However, we were able to make two QUICK trips down to visit old friends from our old hood.

This is my old workout buddy, neighbor, and friend-Sonia.  She cooked some amazing carne asada, salsa, rice, beans, tortillas, the WORKS!  Yum!  I sure miss her cooking! (We would work out HARD, but then come home and eat...we couldn't figure out why we didn't look like our instructor.) Sonia is beautiful inside and out and we miss her sweet family.

Manuel and Ryan

Our other neighbors across the street came and visited with us and it was like old times.  

The week was flying by and we had to say goodbye and head down to Palm Springs.  More on that later.  But for now here are some pictures we took of our last night in Palm Springs.  The two older boys drove down south with Nana, Papa, and Presley.  They stopped in Carlsbad to pick up Aunt Krista.  They were able to visit with Krista and Gary in their home and even got a little time in the ocean.
 Joshua, Krista, and Michael

For years the four boys were the only grandchildren.  Would there ever be any granddaughters?  Within about two years we had Annie, Amelia, Presley and Sophie.  The girls quickly tied things up!  We have not had them all together yet with the eight of them. These pictures are the only ones we were able to snap of the crew with Nana and Papa.  It was about 830pm and there were some meltdowns happening.  Here are my best attempts of a cousin picture...

Amelia was NOT in the mood for a photo shoot.  She was like, "Get me outta here!"  I thought, who cares, it will be a funny picture later on!  She quickly perked up when Daddy gave her a shoulder ride out to the car!

Sophie always takes a long time to warm up, but by this last night she was diving right for Nana.  

 Melanie is expecting #2 in about 5 months.  Her baby will be the tie breaker.  (boy or girl?)

Uncle Michael, Aunt Carly, Pierson and Avery were also able to drive up from Orange County to say  hi.  It was great to see them.  

James and Pierson enjoying a little ice-cream.

Annie and Avery

The girls-all ready to swim!

Pierson and Michael

 Ryan and Sophie getting warm in the hot tub. 

Carly is due with #3 next month...another girl!  We can't wait! 

I loved walking out at night in Palm Springs and the air was just WARM.  I was just trying to soak every warm moment in before returning to the cold.  Better than the weather was the chance to see so much family and friends.  Even though there was a lot of was worth it!

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