Thursday, April 26, 2012

From the desk of MIchael...

Michael likes to draw and write.  A while back he showed me his journal.  He had written PAGES- single spaced.  He is very honest in his writing and it often makes me laugh.  (None of the fluffy things you would find me writing in my journal at his age.)  He is going through a little bit of a "poor me" thing that I really hope is just a phase! 

After Christmas I asked the kids to write thank you notes for their gifts. After Michael went to bed I saw this one and CRACKED pretty much sums up his little "phase".  

"Dear James, Thank you for the handcuffs but they don't do anything, no one wants to get arrested or play cops.  But thanks.  Love Michael 
PS The handcuffs are broken"

But thanks...seriously?  

Not only does he write, but he draws a lot.  This is not one of his better drawings, but it caught my eye... 

Michael is on top of the cliff....he writes "he fell of this cliff" 
At least James was not dead after falling off the cliff.  He still said hi. 

Michael is also a little obsessed with making some money.  He is always coming up with new business plans.  He made these flyers and passed them out at school.  He is a little heart broken that no one has called us yet to take care of their pet.  (Which I can't believe because I ALWAYS need someone when I go on vacation...) One person did call us to watch their bird, but we were in California.  Maybe this summer I told him. 

His latest idea is he wants to buy his own zoo when he grows up.  I told him to go for it!

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  1. I've never seen the colored bread at Great Harvest before. Maybe it's an Idaho thing? My kids would love it. The notes and drawings are hilarious. Rachel and Lucy got their first pet-sitting job last week. They are not animal fans, so it was funny. I had to stand there and tell them to pet the cat and play with her. And as soon as I would say we'd been there long enough, they would run to the bathroom and wash their hands.