Friday, April 20, 2012

Random Wrap up

Every time I download pictures I find many I did not take, or some that I did, and they make me laugh...or not.  This week I looked at A LOT of pictures because I have been trying to organize mine.  So here are some randoms I just knew I wouldn't want to forget!

This one was taken with my phone. I sent it to my sister in a message and said, "This is why I don't take naps."  Ryan was out of town, and this is what I awoke to on a Sunday afternoon.  

I always find find photos done with "Stachematic".  Somehow, it is always so amusing. 

There are a million photos on my phone taken by Annie.  Some are actually kind of interesting because I get to see life from her point of view.  I don't have tons of pictures of me, and not many of me going about everyday life.  Now I don't have to worry, Annie captures all I could want and more. (I am serious about the more, yikes!)  Here I am putting on make up.  I like to sit down on the floor to do makeup and hair.  It keeps Sophie entertained too.  In college I would get up early to go work at the "candy counter" and even back then I would not get all primped up in the bathroom.  I would go to the living room, and curl my hair while watching the Today Show.

This is so dorky, I just had to laugh at myself. I decided I would take pictures of what I wore for a few weeks.  My biggest dilemma each morning is, "WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?"  I figured if I just made a record on my phone, I could just repeat every few weeks. Mostly, I just think, there are lots of people in the blog world that take pictures of themselves...maybe I could pick up a few skills.  What am I doing here, WAVING????  That and hoping the side shot will make me look the most skinny.  Maybe I should take some clues from Erin and her Fashion Friday Posts.  ("I got this cute top from Forever 21")  Kidding people, Kidding. 

 Every picture I took is seriously ridiculous.  So I quit.   

You might think this is just a regular old carrot that Michael peeled, but you would be wrong.  He found it in the bag of MINI carrots, you know, the pre-peeled and cut ones.  Someone forgot to chop this guy up!  It was so exciting we had to take a picture.  And, remember, we are really in to the whole mustache thing.  (Also, Michael does NOT have a sprained or broken arm.  However, yes, he did wear this ace bandage for two weeks straight until I told him his arm was gonna rot so he had to take it off.)

Okay, I hope you are not offended. Reggie's behind never fails to amuse my children.  This time they took a picture and then saved it as my screen saver-such sweet surprise for me when I went to use my phone.  (Reggie belongs to Uncle Cade and Aunt Michele)

For a minute on vacation I could not find Sophie...I hate that feeling.  But I found the dog kennel downing some yogurt.

Joshua trying to even out his tan lines from skiing.  

And finally...a blast from the past.  Two of my favorite pictures I recently just looked at.

James, TEN years ago.  

Joshua, about 10 years ago too...trying on Grandma Critchlow's wig when she had cancer.  

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