Friday, April 27, 2012

Few things we've been eating...

My cousin Robin and I always joke about whipping up "concoctions" that usually involve chocolate.  My Aunt Kathy was the equivalent of "MacGyver" in the kitchen.  She would just "whip" up some fudge, brownies, or chocolate frosting at the mention of a craving.  The skill must run in the genes.  My typical go-to chocolate concoctions are things that are QUICK and can be whipped up fast..."No Bake Cookies", boxed brownies, and muddy buddies (you know the Chex cereal recipe...).  As you can see my "go to" things have to be FAST and but not necessarily high quality.  :)  

The other day I was sitting in some waiting room and ran across a "5-Minute Chocolate Cake" in a Readers Digest.  I had to try it.  It would be perfect for "whipping" up when a craving hit. The part that intrigued me more than the five minute baking time, was the SINGLE SERVING aspect.  I actually shared it with my kids and it was plenty.  Depends what kind of craving you are having.

It truly does take only 5 minutes.  This is a GIANT mug. 

I would actually recommend cooking it a little less in the microwave, it can get dry.  Gooey is better. 

5-Minute Chocolate Cake

1/4 cup flour
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 salt
2 T unsweetened cocoa
2 T whisked egg (not quite one whole egg)
3 T milk
3 T oil
3 T chocolate chips or broken up candy bar (I used the mini-chocolate chips which I think were perfect...a SKOR bar might me nice too!)
1/4 tsp vanilla

1. Mix first four ingredients together in large coffee mug; add egg and combine until paste forms.  Stir in milk and oil, then chocolate chips and vanilla.

2.  MICROWAVE on medium for 3 minutes, until cake starts to crown over top of mug.  (Mine was so big it did not ever reach the top of the mug.)  Remove, top with chocolate sauce or ice cream if desired, and enjoy.  

Other things happening in the kitchen...

Michael is obsessed with eggs.  He asks me to make them all the time so I finally taught him how to make them himself.  After school he will just bust out the frying pan.

Final product...he does pretty well! 

He is also really into "banana shakes".  They are really complicated. Bananas, milk, and ice.  Why so much about Michael...he is the most opinionated in the kitchen.  And he takes matters into his own hands.

I just included this because it is so crazy!  Great Harvest makes their regular white loafs of bread look like this at Easter.  My mom surprised us with a loaf and then a week later a friend stopped by with a loaf...sweet! All the colors make toast much more exciting. 

Maybe I should try it on my own. 

Last....this is my FAVORITE yogurt.  No other will do.  Once I tried Fage, there was no going back.  It is SOOOO creamy.  It has no sweeteners, so people, this IS going to taste on the sour side.  I mix it with my own berries and a little sugar, or some homemade jam and granola.  Delicious!  It has some crazy amount of protein per serving and doesn't have all that junk found in lots of other yogurt.  My SIL's mom scored a ton of this stuff on a sweet sale and gave me like SIX containers FREE.  It is not cheap so I was feeling so grateful in my heart of hearts.  It's creamy deliciousness will never let you down. 

Alright, I am getting hungry and must get to bed!  No food for me!  
PS Fage should totally hire me to advertise since my blog has such a high traffic volume. 


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    1. You are so funny, I was thinking, "No one will be looking at my blog right now,"so I published it before I finished writing it and then kept adding and changing things...then I saw this, ha-ha you ARE awake. I should find you and hunt you down. I finished me post now, so there is the more.

  2. Glad you stay up late to do your blog, it gives me something to get me going in the morning (especially on a snowy day) Emm - chocolate cake in a mug just might do the trick!